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About Us

 One Ocean is the first restaurant set up by the dynamic duo Mr Johnson Lim and Mr Poh Chye Sing after managing a chain of nearly a dozen rented, non air-conditioned coffee shops and seafood stalls all over Singapore.

Being young and venturesome with his ample experience in management, Mr Lim joined hands with Mr Poh in October 2010 who is in the seafood industry for over three decades.

“We specialise in creating a memorable eating experience for our customers. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate event, a special occasion or simply a family gathering we are now committed to providing impeccable service in the shortest time possible” quoted Mr Lim.

With so much knowledge and skills together, they combine their expertise in their individual niche areas to take their business a step further up. Hence, they gave birth to One Ocean Restaurant.

Our chefs are top notch cooks who has years of working experiences in big scale restaurants stationed not only locally and also overseas. Being veterans in this field, they are well trained to cater for any occasions. Speed as well as maintaining the quality of the food is one of the focuses of our chefs.

 We stand firm that innovation and creativity will carry us a long way ahead.  As such, our chefs often come together to create different dishes to surprise our customers. Inspiring new aesthetics and tastes of our dishes will intrigue our customers with different layers of sensations every time they visit our restaurant.

Waitresses are frequently monitored and undergo trainings we organised for them to ensure our standards and quality in service.  Determined to encompass a world class eating experience, customers may sit amidst a modern setting illuminated by ambient lights designed for a relaxing and cosy atmosphere complemented with warm and friendly services from our waitresses.

In One Ocean, we believe that not only delicious food but the wholesome dining experience is what that makes a complete meal.


Must try Specialities

~ Singaporeans’ all time favourite Black Pepper Crab and our signature dish Blackcurrant Pork Ribs ~